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Pixels Energy

2023 Summer Solstice Event

Our Pixels energy party is coming up on Wednesday, and if you are interested in the Grand Prize of the Pixels Farm #3753 giveaway, you must register (https://forms.gle/jta9vHGr4ytAKK2EA), and we will be verifying the steps.

Get ahead of the rest and do this now! Many people will forget, and unfortunately, they will be disqualified if they don’t register.

NOTE: All giveaway winners are required to have the “Member” role on our Discord server, and be present at the party on Farm #341.

What's To Come!




Bravians NFT Giveaway

Courtesy of @N8TR0N & @FourRings @ *Base!

Pixels Chickens NFT

Pixel Chickens NFT Credit Giveaway

Courtesy of @Chicken Pet, @Avi and @ Pixel Chickens. Go visit the Discord and say hello!

Farm Hands NFT

Farm Hands NFT Giveaway

Courtesy of RagPoet and the awesome folks @ Farm Hands, go visit FarmHands.farm for more information about Farm Hands, and say hello @ the Discord once you have a Farm Hands NFT!

Dininho Adventures

Dininho Giveaways

1 x Dininho NFT
1 x Pixels UGC Dininho Hatching Egg Toy

The Dininho Hatching Egg Toy is cute in Pixels, and will decorate your farm or farm house nicely. It is also the only UGC that has utility outside of Pixels where it will function as in-game furniture in the Dininho World! Place it in your own Dininho cave soon!

Courtesy of SmolSmol/Star @ Dininho - explore the world of Dininho and stop by the Discord for a chat!

SubwayRats NFT

SubwayRats Giveaways

1 x SubwayRats NFT
1 x Pixels UGC SubwayRats Teddy
1 x Pixels UGC SubwayRats Logo
1 x Pixels UGC SubwayRats Golden Statue

Courtesy of ChazEevee and Midnight - go visit the project and once you have a SubwayRats NFT you can join the Discord. There is a brand new playable BETA out that you can play now!

Dizzy Dragons NFT

Dizzy Dragons Giveaways

2 x Pixels UGC Dizzy Dragon Plushie

Courtesy of JenPie & Rob @ Dizzy Dragons - learn more about what Dizzy Dragons is all about and please go and say hello at the Discord!

Pixels $Berry

500K $Berry Giveaway

2 x 50k runner up prizes
1 x 150k second place prize
1 x 250k first place prize

Courtesy of @N8TR0N & @FourRings @ *Base!

Pixels NFT Land

Grand Prize Pixels.xyz Farm NFT #3753

Courtesy of @FourRings & @N8TR0N of *Base

The required steps to qualify as a winner will be to:
1. Be a member of the *Base Discord
2. Connect your game wallet on PixelsBase.xyz
3. Follow our Twitter
4. Fill out a brief form that has your Discord username, Twitter, and Pixels username
5. Be at the party!!!


Please visit the websites of the various giveaways and learn more about them. And don’t forget to register for the Grand Prize!

@N8TR0N will be hosting a stream with some background music, our giveaway wheels for randomness, and some general fun during the energy party.

We hope you join us this Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 12pm PST / 3pm EST at Farm #341 for the energy party and giveaway event!

*Base Pixel Event

Pixels Community Wiki
Made with ❤ by n8tr0n
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Pepe Token

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1. Deposit $PEPE on your Dashboard


2. Use in-game to buy and sell items.

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3. Purchase Pepe Fertilizer
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